Medical Center Director of Quality: (Serrano)

“Ms. Serrano brings a strong work ethic and very strong professional nursing practice principles to all that she does, she has excelled at using process improvement models to develop and sustain improvements in a wide variety of venues. She combines this passion for excellence with a highly collaborative and approachable demeanor, and has developed excellent working relationships within the facility…”

“(Ms. Serrano) has not only been active in the national collaboratives, but has been a very effective National Coach and mentor…. Ms. Serrano’s teams have been selected for recognition at both the regional and national levels.”

“(Ms. Serrano) has a very positive, constructive outlook and is willing to work with additional challenging assignments, even without precedent.”

“(Ms. Serrano) has an innate curiosity. In combination with her data driven approaches and strong team facilitation skills, (she) is a highly effective change agent promoting and sustaining significant quality of care improvements…. (she) has a ready friendliness, passion for her work and interest in learning which sets a very positive and effective tone. She is very well regarded by colleagues throughout the system."

FACHE, Medical Center Director: (Kraemer)

“An excellent employee who works extremely well with everyone in a collaborative fashion. Extremely knowledgeable and well versed…Extremely hard working employee who has developed into a subject matter patient safety expert.”

Regional Counsel, JD, Minneapolis VAMC:

“As Federal employees, we (VA attorneys) were responsible to the United States Government to ensure the fiscal propriety of any payments made. As VA employees, we serve and honor Veterans. Our goal was not to deny all claims and try not to make payments. Rather, our goal was to accurately ascertain whether the VA had breached any duty owed to the Veteran and, if we had, to determine the correct amount of damages in order to be fair to both the Veteran and to the taxpayers of the United States.

This is why the input from Ms. Kraemer and Ms. Serrano was so important and vital to our attorneys’ assessments of their tort claims. With nursing backgrounds, both could easily read and analyze medical records to determine what happened and where the problem areas were. Or explain, in some cases, why the VA had absolutely no liability and the Veteran’s claim had no merit. Without this assistance, I believe our attorneys’ time spent on cases would have at least doubled, and that our assessments of the cases may not have been as accurate or comprehensive. I consistently received positive feedback from my staff attorneys about the value of the assistance provided by both Ms. Kraemer and Ms. Serrano”.

Community Based Outpatient Clinic Nurse Manager: (Kraemer)

“ Linda, I think you do an amazing job here and must not hear that enough…in the years I have worked here, on the RCA’s alone, you have saved the VA countless dollars and legal problems when you look into things that need changing then see them through…you make a difference”.